BCE Limited Asset and Wealth Management has built a legacy of trust since 2003 by serving as a trusted advisor for wealthy individuals and their families, as well as foundations and endowments. We take this responsibility seriously and are committed to delivering personalized, integrated and objective wealth management solutions. We are intensely focused on providing the highest level of client service with strong investment performance and a fiduciary mindset.

In a crowded marketplace, we believe BCE Limited "gets it right" in terms of the way we tie together all of the key aspects of wealth management. We take a holistic view versus a transactional view of our clients' overall financial picture. Our approach integrates our clients asset allocation and diversified investment portfolios with their tax, trust, estate and philanthropic needs and objectives. We simplify clients' lives to give them peace of mind. We also guide our clients as they envision and implement their legacy, one that goes "beyond money" and lasts for generations.

Our experienced professionals in Hong Kong welcome the opportunity to further introduce our firm and to get to know you. We truly believe we have a unique wealth management offering based on transparency, objectivity and performance, and we commit to earn your trust every day.

John Edwards Cheong
Chairman, BCE Limited